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Our bait lures. Our foot mat preps. Our glue holds them tight. With HOY HOY, your life’s about to get a whole lot easier.


Pesticide and odor free. Safe for homes with children and pets, and sensitive (or squeamish) adults.

HOY HOY: It’s here!

Seriously strong, super sticky, water resistant, adjustable, kid & pet safe TRAPS with special bait, wavy glue, and no detectable odor (unless you’re a roach).

What you NEED is HOY HOY!

Professional, heavy-duty, water resistant, ready-to-use, designed to accommodate your needs in any space.

HOY HOY is a time tested pest control product you can trust.

Whether you’re single, or have children or pets, HOY HOY can fulfill your needs. Pesticide free and odor free, this is no ordinary pest control trap. It is highly effective to lure and trap roaches and rodents in places you may not see.