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TRAP-A-ROACH HOY HOY Pesticide Free, Safe & Easy Roach Traps

Hoy Hoy is extremely versatile. Adjustable features give you greater freedom to place the trap in hard to reach, or tight spots. The water resistant design works easily in humid environments. The adjustable size also allows for a larger load capacity. And when you’re done, the pick-up knob let’s you remove and dispose of the container without the heebie jeebies. In this way, Hoy Hoy gives you peace of mind.



1. Attach Foot Mat
Stick Foot Mats on the designated places of the trap.

2. Remove Protective Paper
Peel off protective paper from the sticky adhesive base.

3. Place Bait Bag
Remove the Bait Bag from the foil packet. Place it transparent side up. (Do not open the bait bag.)

4. Fold Roof Inside
Fold both sides of the roof along the score line, just like in Japanese Origami.

5. Connect Roof
Finish attaching the roof as shown. Adjust height to low or high, to suit your spaces.

6. Place the Trap
Say good bye to the roaches!