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Product Information

HOY HOY does not use any poison or chemicals so it guarantees non-toxic pest control.

At least one month and we recommend to replace it when the roach trap is full.

The smell of the bait is only perceptible when you smell it nearby. It does not make the room smelly.

In rare cases, other insects or mice may get inside and caught as a result of being attracted by the smell of the attractant or accidentally passing by nearby. If mice or other small animals are caught, their dead bodies might decompose, which is not good for hygiene. Please check the place where you have installed HOY HOY from time to time and replace it if necessary.

There is no problem with the capturing ability at room temperature (50-86°F/10-30°C).

Cockroaches approaching within about three feet of the product will be captured.

The total weight for the Trap-A-Roach HOY HOY (box of 5 traps) is 0.35 lbs.

The package size is 8.74” x 1.41” x 4.37”.

No, it is not vegan.

How to use

Please place the entire bag of food in the middle. Please do not open the bag.

Yes, they can be used outdoors, but please avoid using them in rain or wind or water.

The foot mat is designed to enhance the capability of catching roaches. It is recommended to use for maximum effectiveness.

Please pick up the trap with pickup knob and place it in the trash. Also if you wish, You can use protective gloves.


Please refer to the following instructions.

First, wipe off as much of the adhesive as possible with a piece of Scotch Tape or something similar. Then, conduct the following.

Apply baby powder, flour, or other powder and comb to remove as much of the adhesive as possible. Wipe it off with salad oil, Tempura oil, or benzine (in the case of small animals, benzine may have adverse effects, so please use salad oil or Tempura oil, although it may take longer), and wash it with soap and water.

HOY HOY does not use any poison or chemicals so it guarantees non-toxic pest control. We recommend seeing the vet if needed for further assistance.

If the location of the roach trap is too far away from the roaches' usual paths, it will be difficult to catch them. Since cockroaches habitually scurry along walls, place the traps as close to walls as possible. They are effective in places like under kitchen sinks, near gas ranges, behind refrigerators, and in warm and damp places like bathrooms, cupboards, and shelves containing food.

Also, the traps may not work well if you keep using them in the same place, so change their location from time to time. In addition, since roaches are omnivorous, they are attracted to any food or water, which is especially likely in the kitchen, so try to clean up any leftover food around the roach traps.