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HOY HOY Mice & Flies Glue Trap Paper - 50 Traps

  • 🔔 COST-EFFECTIVE: 50 sheets per pack, for less than $0.36 per sheet. HOY HOY Glue Trap Paper can be used anywhere in your home or commercial premises, or outdoors.
  • ✨ VERSATILE: Effective against mice, rats, flies, crawling insects, and most household pests. They are attracted to the pattern on the adhesive surface of the trap. It will capture them, with no possibility of escape. 🐀 🐍 🦎 🕷️ 🦂 🦗
  • 🪄 EASY: Ready-to-use, with no assembly required. Just take a glue trap sheet and place it in an area where you have noticed pest activity.
  • 📦 MORE: Each trap is approximately 7.25" x 10.25" in size. One 50-sheet pack of HOY HOY glue trap paper is equivalent to 68 standard-size mouse traps. 
  • 🌿 SAFE: Non-toxic, and effective at keeping pests out of your home. Replace each sheet that you lay down once a month, to ensure maximum efficacy and cleanliness.